German Vespa Rally

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The German Vespa Rally is a fixed institution with increasing demand. Hardly anyone could have imagined the success before the start of the rallies. The basis for the annual event since 9 years are the classic vintage Vespa rallies. Especially impressive is when the colorful Vesparollers start with their riders. Fortunately, the weather gods play along most of the time. The two-day rally for all Vespa drivers of the Vespa Club of Germany was initiated by Sigrid & Uwe Bödicker of the VCD. It was time that Germany got a rally with the cult scooter. Small became bigger and bigger. In the beginning there were only a few participants. Today’s rallies had to be limited to 60 riders. The annual success and fun got around more and more.

Two days that have it all

The two-day rally is a popular annual tourism event. The event is growing in popularity and is a highlight of the year for many Vespa fans. With the help of a time card and roadbook, the attractive region of the event location is explored by Vespa. The organizer is the Vespa Club of Germany (VCD). The supervision of the event is taken over by the Vespa World Club with the active support of the respective changing host club.

A surprise bag with experience guarantee

During the weekend of the Vespa Club Rally will be driven about 200 km. The main route is driven on the first day. On the following day, Sunday, a shorter route will be completed at the end. On the whole route there are different control and test points. The route leads past interesting places, which are known and attractive for the respective region. Short breaks are welcome and allowed. Participants are reminded again before the start that the road traffic regulations must of course be observed.

In the evening the palate is spoiled

On Saturday evening, all participants have earned culinary delights. The physical well-being will be well taken care of. The entire event on Sunday ends with a joint meal and the exciting award ceremony. Over the years, many friendships have developed through the German Vespa Rally.

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