Auf dem Bild sind mehrere alte Vespas in weiß, rot und grün zu nebeneinander zu sehen.

What Vespa museums are there in Europe?

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The Vespa is probably the most popular and best known type of scooter. Artists even developed photo series with Vespas in the 60s under the direction of Eberhard Bosslet. So it is also not surprising that there are entire museums dedicated to the scooter and its history.

Vespa museums in Europe

There are Vespa museums in Frankfurt, Freising, Rome and of course in Pisa (Piaggio Museum).

Piaggio Museum


The museum was opened in 2000 in the heart of Tuscany. Today it houses over 250 exhibits in seven different collections. Not only the history of Piaggio plays a role here, but also the past of industrial development and mobility. 340 square meters are always available for the latest special exhibitions. Zeitgeist, fashion, art and technology all come together here. Artists such as Fattore, Modigliani, Nomellini, Dalí, Burri, Picasso and Pellizza da Volpedo have been featured in some exhibitions.

Vespa and Gilera

The Vespa is the center of attention. The Tuscan museum shows even the rarest models from the 1940s like MP5 and MP6. Gilera is a manufacturer of certain motorcycles that are unique like the 500 Quatto Cilindri, which managed to surpass all the records that have already been made. Even vehicles from movies like “Quadrophenia”, “La Dolce Vita” and “The Interpreter” have been exhibited here.

Other collectibles are:

  • Moto Guzzi
  • Aprilia
  • the historical Vespa archive

Vespa Museum Rome

Vespa is part of Italian culture, so it must be found in Rome. The museum is in the basement of Bici&Baci. In 2013 it was opened on the 12th of July. The founder’s name was Claudio Sarra and he wanted to make a monument out of the Vespas. The museum keeps small compared to the Piaggio Museum and is suitable for a visit in between. The most popular exhibits are:

  • the model of the Vespa racing pilode Roberto Leardi
  • the Vespa of Andy Leon
  • the first body from Piaggio
  • the Vespa Faro Bosso

Vespa Museum Freising

The museum displays 70 original or restored car models from different eras, as well as 4000 parts of badges, posters, calendars, movie posters and chrome accessories. The owner Karl Scharl collected Vespas in his household for over 30 years, so the most unusual things can be seen with him. The entrance is free. He set up a private museum in his family home at that time. A tour there can last up to three hours.

Vespa Museum in Frankfurt

In 2018, a seventy-year-old woman named Renate Gräfe converted a bowling alley into a museum so that Frankfurt serves as a well-known meeting place for scooter fans.
She even received a district prize worth 250 euros. Changes take place every week, so the museum remains interesting for old and young.


The Italian Vespa has made world history and is still an important means of transport to get from A to B today. The museums are all lovingly designed and all have a very special and intimate history. The museums in Italy can even be visited virtually through digital technology. These measures were taken because of the Covid restrictions. After all, the owners wanted interested parties to continue to be able to “tour” the Vespas at least virtually.

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