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Everything important to the Vespa spare wheel

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The Vespa spare wheel is originally located on the side of the rear wheel of the Vespa. However, in the front area, where the legs are normally located, the Vespa spare wheel can also be attached. In addition, this can be located behind the Vespa near the license plate. Since there are a wide variety of Vespa models, there are also different types of spare wheels available. Depending on the Vespa and the type of spare wheel, there are therefore some differences to consider.

Is the Vespa spare wheel worth it?

Spare wheels are offered for each Vespa. These may differ slightly in size and shape, which is related to the different Vespa models. For the right choice, tyres of different sizes can be purchased at SIP Scootershop. In any case, however, a Vespa spare wheel is worthwhile, because if the tyre is flat, this can be replaced with a simple tool within a very short time. Separate patching tools and the like are then no longer necessary. Even with other damage to the tyre, this can ideally be replaced with the spare wheel. In this way, the Vespa can be driven on quickly without having to take a long break for repair work. With other scooters, however, this is often not possible, because here is not even the option to take a spare wheel. In an emergency, the tyre must be patched or replaced by a workshop.
At best, the tyres are always selected to fit the application, so there is also a selection of tyres at SIP depending on the type.

How to install the Vespa spare wheel on the Vespa?

How the Vespa spare wheel can be attached to the Vespa depends on the particular Vespa model and also on the type of tyre or rim. Depending on the type, different methods may also come into question. For a general overview of the different types of holders, different spare wheel holders can be viewed here on the SIP page.

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Spare Wheel Holder PASCOLI for 10″ rim, closed, floor board lengthwise

Thus, classically, most Vespas have the option of attaching the spare wheel to the leg shield. For this purpose, for example, a spare wheel holder for open 10″ rim, step-through front can be used.
In addition, there is the possibility to mount the spare wheel in the front between the legs, here offers e.g.: spare wheel holder PASCOLI for closed 10″ rim very inexpensive (picture above).
In addition, there are also holders that allow the installation of the spare wheel in the rear area.
For the Vespa PK models there is a special mounting under the left side hood. However, the installation of the spare holder is only possible when using the original exhaust system shape.

When is the Vespa spare wheel used?

The spare wheel is used on the one hand when there is damage to the tyre so that it can no longer be driven on. In this case, the spare wheel ensures a safe and fast continuation of the journey. On the other hand, the Vespa spare wheel is used when the tyre is flat. With a few simple tools, the tyre can then be easily replaced. In the meantime, there is also a special tyre demounting tool from SIP, which can facilitate some operations.

What is known about the life of the Vespa spare wheel?

If you never use the spare wheel for your Vespa, you can count on a long service life here. This can amount to several years. Whereby the first use after a long standstill on the tire pressure and general condition of the tire must be taken into account. However, how often the spare wheel is exposed to the sun or intense heat is also decisive for the service life. So that the wheel is always ready for use, it is worthwhile to get a protection for the spare wheel, here there is a selection of covers.

For more info on tires for Vespas in general, we have a separate article here: “The Vespa tyre: Born out of necessity”

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