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Tuning Kit SIP D.R. 177 ccm ROAD “Legal”

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The so-called “21 approval”, which regulates the operating permit for individual vehicles, is well known in wrenching circles. More precisely, it is based on §21 of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO), which regulates full approval for vehicles that have been out of service for more than 7 years. However, the major application for all mechanics is the approval for conversions and performance enhancements, which can also only be transferred to the vehicle documents through this approval. In addition to high costs, this is often accompanied by a dependence on the respective inspector.

This problem has prevented the experts from SIP Scootershop with the help of a specially assembled tuning kit SIP D.R. 177cc ROAD “Legal”. In addition to the necessary parts, parts certificates are supplied, which significantly facilitate the registration at the test center. The certificates contain values for noise, power and speed, which the inspector can transfer directly to the acceptance certificate without time-consuming measurements. This means that the costs incurred for this can be saved and the changes can be registered at the approval office without any problems. So much for the legal and practical background.

Plug&Play with high quality parts

Due to the somewhat sluggish and in road traffic or touring unsuitable performance of the historic 125 or 150 engines, many riders are looking for alternatives. A simple and proven option is the touring version of the D.R. 177 tuning kit. The advantages of the combination are a significant increase in power with better pull and higher speed. In addition to long durability, screwdrivers are particularly impressed by the simple installation, without having to make any changes to the engine housing. Retrofitting is also simple and straightforward.

Included are a complete cylinder with matching piston, piston rings and the appropriate small parts. With the help of the 177cc, optimum suitability is achieved both for touring and in road traffic. The kit is complemented by a SIP Road 2.0 racing exhaust and the SI24.24 tuning carburettor, which comes with matching jets and air filter. This carburettor, well proven in the PX200 models, also provides speed and driving fun here. Even a choice between carburettor with or without separate lubrication is possible and thus ensures a universal application range that covers almost all models. The sporty exhaust provides plenty of ground clearance with early and quiet power delivery.

Recommendation for further adjustments

In many cases it seems advisable to replace wear parts in the engine before tuning measures. Especially crankshaft bearings, oil seals and the gearshift cross are noteworthy components that can and should all be replaced with quality and affordable spare parts from SIP Scootershop. Likewise, in the course of tuning measures, the ignition system should be checked and replaced if necessary. In any case, a new spark plug recommended for the tuning kit should be installed. This should be accompanied by a tuning to exclude that the Vespa runs “too lean”. Only in this way can an unloved, but not infrequently occurring piston sticking be prevented as best as possible.

Furthermore, you should at least consider replacing the brakes with new ones or even installing a better brake system. The increased speed also increases the demands on the brake pads and brakes in general. In order to be able to continue to guarantee optimum safety and driving pleasure, you can switch to the tried and tested SIP brake pads.

Clarification of conversion and tuning measures in advance

All in all, it remains to be said that through the experience and passion of SIP Scootershop, which has flowed into the creation of the parts certificate, many problems are already avoided. Nevertheless, it should always be clarified in advance with the registering body, so TÜV, Dekra, etc., whether the registration can be made by this body at all.

Furthermore, it should ideally be clarified in advance with the relevant expert whether further measures are required. In order to facilitate the inspection, the conversion measures should be able to be proven and the vehicle should be in a proper general condition. Logically, the functionality of brakes, turn signals and other add-on parts should also be checked in order to be well prepared.

True to the saying: “The riskier a plan, the less it is one”, good planning is the basis for driving fun, safety and uncomplicated registration. The foundation for this is already laid with the tuning kit SIP D.R. 177 cc ROAD “Legal”.

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