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Vespa storage space used correctly

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Vespa and storage space, these two terms are not exactly compatible.

Good to know
Trying to count the different models/engines/designs in a total of 7 decades fail miserably. Licenses, scattered all over the world, simply make that impossible.
With each innovation, the engines have also changed. And with them, as well as accessories and tools, inevitably the under-seat storage space.

Storage space on a scooter, in favor of the innards, is generally quite meager. That’s why we’re looking here at how to organize the scarce storage space, i.e. how to use it properly.

First, however, it should be said that Piaggio, according to the latest surveys, dominates the market almost without competition. Specifically, we are talking about the new Vespa GTS 300 Super, which in 2022 (result of 11/2022) will occupy the first place in the ranking of motorized two-wheelers over 125 cubic. This corresponds to a market share of more than 50%.

Complaining at a high level

The storage space under the seat on the smaller Primavera is larger than that on the GTS. Accordingly, it is not necessarily dependent on the engine’s displacement. The larger the engine displacement, the more storage space: This is not the case.

On most scooter models, only the original Piaggio/Vespa helmet fits inside. However, we can easily cope with this: when riding, we have the helmet on our head where it belongs, and after a ride we tuck it under our arm or attach it to the luggage rack (secured with a lock).

Annoying evil when refueling

You can do whatever you want: When refueling, a few drops of gasoline mixture always go astray, landing in the storage space of the seat and causing the typical stench. From this we learn not to store sensitive, high-value items in the under-seat storage space.

Must-haves in the under-seat storage space

These are just recommendations, not set in stone:

Whether there is a lot of storage space or not, one thing is the same for all models: there is damn little space available.
Some models just fit a full-face helmet when the visor is folded up. But that’s about it. If you use your two-wheeler as a working Vespa on a daily basis and whistle through the city, you can also get a top case.
Or the shopping bag is hung on the hook in the hatch. Doesn’t look super great, but it is practical.

Please note
The many different models/engines require different tools. We recommend to purchase model related tools. Original tools always fit and are made in good quality.

On the road we do not need special tools

Special jobs are nothing for on the road, for that we have our authorized workshop around the corner. For all purchases is always worth a look at the SIP Scootershop Online Store. Here you can find everything around the Vespa: Spare parts, accessories and good advice, which is usually free of charge.

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