Gymnastics for in between – Fit and warm on the Vespa

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Many Vespa riders know the problem: sitting on a scooter for hours, hands glued to the throttle, hump crooked, arms heavy and legs cramped. During a forced stop at a gas station, the joints crack and the muscles urgently need a little relaxation. Quickly, you start to freeze. Now you could walk up and down at will or do a few haphazard stretching exercises. Despite good ulterior motives, modest success and aesthetic embarrassment are quickly possible here. But it’s not bad, here we show which movements really bring new energy and warmth to the body at that moment. That’s why we brought Jan into the studio, as a sports and exercise therapist he knows exactly where which muscle fiber runs and which tendons need to be stretched.

In the video below, instructor Jan shows his identical twin and us some quick exercises that are easy to do during breaks to get the human engine running again while the Vespa gets the dose of fresh fuel it needs. So: up and let’s go!

1. from ski flyer to winner

This extended squat activates the extensor chain that has atrophied from sitting for long periods of time, pumps a lot of blood through the body and stimulates the circulation. The largest muscle groups in the body are activated and burn a lot of energy while generating heat. Tip for cold two-wheeled days.

2. the hip pendulum

Stand on one leg and swing vigorously with the other. Important: If the left foot is in front, the right arm must also be forward. And if you can hardly keep your balance, you should support yourself on the scooter. You can find stable side stands here.

3. the St. Andrew’s cross

An exercise that loosens the entire shoulder girdle. One arm swings up, the other down, the thumb belongs “nicely behind” and you can help out as a traffic sign at every level crossing. Sporty and practical.

4. the floating motion

One foot forward, the other back and then boldly spring through. Used to be called simply lunging, but well, such are modern times. In case of balance problems, the Vespa again serves as a support and we recommend sturdy handles and levers. It’s allowed to be a bit strenuous and the thighs need to warm up. “Get out of your comfort zone!” demands Jan. This exercise is also great for frosty two-wheeled rides to get comfortably warm again.

5. the pothole

And last but not least, an exercise that can even be done on a scooter. Once again, the stretch chain should be activated. Both hands firmly on the handlebars, back straight and straighten up again and again with weight on the feet. Probably not recommended at 100 km/h to avoid distracting other road users. Stable leg shields, kick plates and stands (for dry practice) are the prerequisites for the successful execution of this stunt.

We would like to thank trainer Jan from Hardy’s Fitness for these fantastic ideas, so that in future we will not only arrive at our destination healthy, but also fit.

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