Retrofitting and extending the Vespa glovebox

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Luggage should be transported safely and dryly on the Vespa. Of course, our two-wheeler does not offer too much storage space, and some models (below) have no luggage compartment as standard, and therefore no storage space:

  • PX 125 E 1998 /Millennium
  • PX 125 CAT
  • PX 150 Lusso/EFL/Arcobaleno/Elestart
  • PX 200 E 1998/Millenium
  • Vespa T5 Classic
  • Vespa PX 200 E Lusso/EFL/Elestart
  • Vespa PX80 E Lusso/Elestart
  • Vespa PX 150 E998/Millenium

How can more storage space be created?

We retrofit or extend the existing storage space with the particularly popular conversion gloveboxse. The gloveboxes are available in metal or plastic, with or without a lock.

This fits Vespa P80-150X/ PX80-200E/P150S/P200E. An older small or large frame model can also be extended with a luggage compartment for conversion to create storage space.
Some Vespa models are equipped with a small luggage compartment in the side cover as standard. A conversion turns the glove compartment into a real space miracle.

If the spare wheel fitted in the entrance tunnel gets in the way of your plans, there is a solution for that too:
Ditch the spare wheel and get a tubeless rim.

Based on the extensive model selection, minor customization work may be necessary.
Would you like to extend the storage space or restore the Vespa to its original condition?

Inexpensive alternatives to the luggage compartment

Luggage compartment bag SIP Classic

This can be fitted to the glovebox/luggage compartment lid.
This gives you quick access to the things you carry with you:
Smartphone, map, parking ticket, toll ticket, documents, camera, shopping and more.
The good thing is:
The glove and/or luggage compartment, which comes as standard, can be opened and closed without
bag can be opened and closed without hindrance.
Suitable for the following Vespa models:
PX/PE/LX/LXV/S/GTS/GTS Super/GTV/GT 60/GT/GT L models.

What does the bag have to offer?

  • Secure and firm hold thanks to three Velcro straps (with embroidered logo: Classic)
  • 2 x pockets with Velcro fastener
  • Net for drinks bottle
  • large zipped compartment, again divided into two organizer mesh compartments
  • can also be used as a shoulder bag, with adjustable shoulder strap, easy to remove
  • Enclosed protective cover that protects against weathering/fading

If this protection is not enough, you can purchase an impregnating care lotion:
Sonax Leather Care

Extra tip
If the side gap between the luggage compartment and the lid is too large, the brackets can easily be bent and brought into the right position.
What to do if you can’t find luggage compartment lids for PX and PX Lusso because Piaggio has stopped producing them?

Glovebox lid for PX/PX Lusso

SIP Scootershop has found a solution as an alternative to the unavailability of new luggage compartment lids for PX/PX Lusso scooters: These parts have been specially made and are now available in SIP’s spare parts program.

The luggage compartment lids are now part of the SIP Spareparts series and are available for the following models: P80-150X/PX80-200E/P200E/P150S and PX80-200E Lusso/’98/MY/T5, under item number 76165000.

These glovebox lids are manufactured in small series from metal and are unpainted. Alternatively, the lids are also available in polished stainless steel, which makes them an excellent addition to existing chrome accessories.

Carbon version for Vespa Primavera/Sprint 50-150cc

Carbon is more in demand than ever, as the material is not only robust, but also very light and visually appealing – and not just in racing.

Carbon parts are individually manufactured at great expense (using special molds – carbon fiber laminated). Because carbon is not a series-produced original part, a certain amount of reworking may be required during assembly, depending on the Vespisti’s standards of perfection.

Admittedly, the effort involved can be quite high. However, the result is impressive. The custom-fit carbon cover is beautiful to look at and enhances our scooter perfectly.
Another tip
The entire luggage compartment has to be removed for installation anyway, so why not replace the chrome-plated mono-slotted tube at the same time?
SIP offers a luggage compartment cover with a power connection, which we need:

  • to operate the navigation system
  • to charge the smartphone

The following versions are optionally available:

  • 12V cigarette lighter
  • Dual USB plus additional digital voltage display

To connect, plug the socket/USB connection into the service plug of the Vespa. Done
A charging current of 5 volts is available for each slot.

Exceptions confirm the rule

An adapter cable is required to connect the USB to the GTS/GTS Super from model year 2014 onwards. It is included and is connected to the USB port in the luggage compartment.

To make installation easier, we recommend removing the front left blinker.
On Vespa GTS models (from model year 2016), the plastic cover behind the luggage compartment panel must be removed.

If all this is too much action or too expensive, you can also simply attach a luggage hook in the step-through. A rucksack or bag can easily be attached to it. However, what is stored there has no protection from the weather.

Have a good trip at all times and enjoy working on your Vespa!

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