Eine Person fährt mit einer gelben Vespa die Landstraße entlang. Auf dem Gepäckträger befindet sich eine Tasche.

Give your Vespa love, give it break-in time

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This goes to all Vespa lovers!

You love the Vespa lifestyle?
You want to break in your new Vespa, but properly!

Well… if you already live it, the Vespa lifestyle, then you should definitely learn why it is so important to break in your scooter properly with love and in peace. Especially when it is still new.

But why now, actually?

Well, first of all:

With modern Vespas, breaking in is no longer as important as it used to be. Nevertheless, it is still an advantage, even a great one, if man and machine first slowly get to know each other.
The first 500 km you should first do quietly and break in the good piece very carefully!
With such beautiful and special scooters like the Vespa, it is, to be personal, almost “a moral obligation to the engine” to treat it decently and to drive it properly warm. Most engines want to be brought up to temperature to feel comfortable and to be able to bring their full potential to the road.
And then you can have some real fun, step on the gas and indulge in your hobby with peace of mind.

What does break-in mean? How long should you do this? And what should you pay attention to?

The first 500 km you should break in the Vespa slowly, so stay below 100 km / h. However, you can also enjoy leisurely rides on the country road! Use changing speeds and do not forget to brake.
If these tips are heeded, you can later also give full throttle with a clear conscience.
Then it goes with full throttle on the highway. But properly broken in means having fun with your Vespa. And that for a long time. Like a friendship that grows and flourishes over the years.

After the described and so important running-in period and with a good conscience to have always treated the engine well, you are then ready. Ready for longer tours on your Vespa.

Ready for fun and adventure!

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