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High Quality Sport Lever for the Modern Vespa

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The accessories market for sports levers for Modern Vespa continues to grow, restrictions in the functional possibilities are almost non-existent. In the abundance of accessories, however, there are only a few brake levers that really represent the ultimate. With the SIP PERFORMANCE sport levers SIP sets a sign and delivers a high-quality brake lever that can do almost everything.

What makes the SIP PERFORMANCE sport lever so special?

  • Made in the EU
  • Adjustable (length and distance to the handle)
  • With ABE

Made in the EU

The most important thing about the SIP sport levers is that they are made in the EU, more specifically in Austria by a manufacturer who knows his craft very well. The flood of cheap levers and copies from Asia is getting bigger and bigger. The trustworthy know-how of the manufacturer is therefore enough reason for SIP to produce reasonable brake levers. Here, the levers are CNC milled from high-strength aluminum 6082 and then anodized.

Adjustment of the levers

The levers are adjustable in two ways which makes them the perfect all-rounder for all sizes of hands and individually for all needs. The SIP branding as well as the KBA identification is attached to the bottom of the levers. Absolutely clean look.

Lever length adjustment

About the adjustment of the lever length, you can adjust the lever to your own needs. Both for creatures of habit with 2-finger brakes, as well as for drivers who operate the levers with 4 fingers can always find the optimal setting without having to compromise.

Adjustment of the distance between the handles

Big problem of many sport levers is the ergonomic shape, most of them are not suitable for small hands. The SIP PERFORMANCE sport levers have a wide range of adjustment with their 20-fold adjustment on the adjustment wheel and are suitable for small to large hands.

With ABE

What must not be missing from decent brake levers is a legal approval – the ABE. The SIP PERFORMANCE sport levers are supplied including KBA number and ABE to ensure legal use in road traffic.

Conclusion: High quality, adjustable sport levers and an absolute must for every Vespa!

We recommend to the sport levers – SIP-TIP:

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