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The new DSPC carburettor from SIP for the Vespa

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The DSPC carburetor from SIP Performance solves the false air problem of Vespa Smallfame carburetors in combination with modern carburetor technology.

We have dealt with the problem of false air on Vespa Smallframe models. It is well known that the factory SHB carburetors are often susceptible to the ingress of false air. This problem is caused by an inadequate seal between the carburetor and the intake manifold.

  • No false air
  • Fits SHB intake manifold
  • Plug & Play

To solve this problem, we have equipped the DSPC carburetors with a special plastic sleeve. This sleeve ensures a perfect seal to the intake manifold, making false air problems at this point a thing of the past. With DSPC carburetors, you can count on a reliable and airtight connection.

In addition, we are responding to the supply bottlenecks that repeatedly occur with various manufacturers.

The carburetors are the smallframe carburetors par excellence. They are very logically designed, have a needle and can be easily tuned using the main and auxiliary jets. A plastic sleeve provides a perfect seal to the intake manifold, so false air problems are no longer an issue at this point.

  • 17,5 mm A: Vespa 50/N/L/R/Special/PK50/S/SS/FL/HP/XL2/Elestart
  • 17.5 mm B: Vespa 50 Special/S/SS/90/R/SS/125 VMA1/PK50XL/SS/Elestart
  • 19 mm: 50 SR/100/S/PV/ET3/PK80/100/125/S/XL/FL/N/XL2/Elestart

New DSPC carburetors from SIP Performance

The SIP DSPC carburetors are mounted on the intake manifold like the SHB carburetors. However, you must of course pay attention to the connection width of the carburetors when installing.

To mount the standard air filter you need a CNC air filter adapter.

For the 16.10/16.16 SHB intake manifolds you need the 19.19 SHB intake manifold sleeve.

  • 17,5 mm DSPC with 16.10 SHB intake
  • 17.5 mm DSPC with 16.16 SHB intake
  • 19 mm DSPC with 19.19 SHB intake

CNC air filter adapter with 32mm intake for DSPC/PHBG carburetors


Carburetor SIP DSPC 19 round slide valve

for Vespa 50 SR/100/S/PV/ET3/PK80/100/125/S/XL/FL/N/XL2/Elestart

  • Sport
  • Ø 19 mm
  • Engine connection: 23,1mm
  • Connection air filter: M32x1,25mm
  • for SHB 18.16 / 19.19 intake manifold
  • Main nozzle SHB 72
  • Auxiliary nozzle 48
  • Mixing tube AU262
  • Needle W16

These smallframe carburetors from SIP Performance clearly fill a gap in the market.

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