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SIP speedometer for Vespa T5

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The SIP T5 tachometer is a multi-instrument from SIP PERFORMANCE for Vespa T5 models in the look of the original analog instruments.

Since their introduction in 2010, SIP tachometers with speedometer have fundamentally changed the market. Functions that were previously only feasible through the use of numerous additional devices have now been combined in a single instrument, and in an unobtrusive way.

  • Analog tachometer / speed / fuel gauge
  • Original optics
  • National and international version available

The design of the T5 speedometer reminds, with its original optic, of the very popular T5 instruments with analog tachometer. In addition to RPM and speed, this speedometer can also display temperature. It offers the possibility to switch comfortably between AF and EGT connection in the menu. Two small push buttons allow an elegant change between the different digital displays. They are discreetly integrated into the tachometer glass.
A little extra tidbit: Every time the engine is started, the tachometer performs a self-test, creating a touch of Grand Prix feeling. Speed, rpm and fuel gauge are permanently displayed in analog. In addition, the speedometer has two digital displays. Numerous additional functions can be displayed on them. Optionally also speed or rpm.

Two versions available

SIP has developed two versions of the T5 tachometer: a national one with km/h and an international one with km/h and mph, to offer also a wide range of displays for the MPH market. On longer trips, another function proves useful: it is possible to distinguish between two individual distances with travel time and average speed – perfect for distinguishing between daily and tour distances.
But the total distance can also be set, so that the kilometers ridden on the old speedometer can be taken over without any problems. A special function is the gear indicator. The gear engaged at any given time can also be read off. To do this, the speedometer compares the rpm and the speed traveled and calculates the gear ratio from this. This function must be learned at the beginning, since there are countless possible combinations of primary gear ratio, rear gear ratio and the individual gears.

It is essential to use interference suppressed spark plugs and spark plugs.


The installation of this tachometer is very easy. As with the original, the speed is determined by the speedometer cable, but you also have the option of using a speed sensor, which you can purchase as an accessory. So if your speedometer cable is worn or broken, the display will still be reliable and functional. By the way, the speed is recorded via the light signal.

There is no risk of losing data. Thanks to an internal memory, all information remains safely secured. The tachometers operate on 12V AC/DC, which means that no battery is required. SIP Performance/Vespatronic/Parmakit ignitions can be connected.

Conclusion: The SIP T5 tachometer is a high-end instrument that combines tachometer and speedometer with original optics. Racer, touring rider or inner city cowboy – everyone will appreciate the benefits.

Technical data

  • Speed analog up to 10000 rpm/rpm
  • Speed digital up to 14000 rpm/rpm
  • Alternatively to speed analog, now also speed analog, up to 130 km/h/80 mph depending on model
  • Speed digital up to 199 km/h or 140 mph
  • Maximum speed up to 199 km/h or 140 mph
  • Target distance, for e.g. maintenance interval
  • Odometer adjustable
  • Gear indicator teachable
  • Fuel gauge with level warning
  • Temperature 0 to 250° or 32°-482° F. for cylinder head or water temperature, a temperature sensor for the spark plug is supplied
  • EGT temperature display with SIP exhaust gas temperature gauge from 100°-1200° C possible
  • AF display with SIP lambda probe from A 10.0-24.0 possible
  • Maximum temperature
  • Total distance up to 99999 km/miles
  • Total distance adjustable (old speedometer reading thus transferable)
  • Single distance A and B up to 9999,9 km/miles
  • Driving time A and B up to 99,59 h
  • Average speed A and B up to 199 km/h or 140 mph
  • Undervoltage warning DC
  • Brightness of speedometer illumination adjustable in 5 steps
  • Tank-, turn signal-, high beam-, low beam blinker

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  1. The SIP speedometer for Vespa T5 offers a modern touch to classic scooters, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics for Vespa enthusiasts.

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