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Nothing is impossible – Vespa GTS Tuning

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Keeping up with the times and adapting to the ever-changing expectations of a scooter has always been the strength of the Vespa brand. It is not for nothing that the success story has continued uninterrupted for more than 70 years. Developing innovations that, although usually met with rejection at the beginning, after a certain time belong to it as if they had always been there. All this unites the Vespa GTS more than ever.

Due to the unbroken demand for the ET and GT models, which since 2003 heralded the beginning of the modern Vespa era, the GTS model range was introduced at the end of 2014. The new models between 125-300cc had and still have numerous modern features such as a digital speedometer, LED turn signals and a larger seat. In the meantime, there are an incredible number of options for the Vespa GTS to improve it yourself with useful and appealing parts.

The vastness of the tuning world

With the new Vespas, there is now no spare part that cannot be replaced with a better or higher quality one. Even components such as the oil dipstick, where you would probably not expect any further development, there are now optically and technically upgraded parts. To be able to keep a rough overview of all these parts, the experts at SIP Scootershop from Landsberg am Lech have developed various style kits, each of which stands for its own style direction.

One of the best known and most popular lines is the SIP Series Pordoi, whose name, how could it be otherwise, comes from where the Vespa feels most at home. The Pordoi Pass in the Fassa Valley is considered one of the favorite passes for Vespa riders, as it is perfectly suited to the Vespa brand, with countless curves and the dreamlike scenery of the Dolomites.

A main feature of this series are the different Pordoi rims. Whether a particular color or inch size, with nearly 20 different types of rims, no wishes remain unfulfilled here. But not only rims, also different mirrors, grips, covers or windshields round off the wide range of SIP Series Pordoi.

In addition to this Stylekit series, there are other, smaller series. One of them is the premium series Zelioni. The almost 200 different CNC products are absolute high-end parts that have a name in the custom scene that speaks for itself. Especially the shock absorbers and rims are probably the highest quality and also visually most appealing, which there is currently in this segment on the market and will also be in the near future.

From A for display to Z for trim

As mentioned at the beginning, there is hardly any part that cannot be exchanged for a more stylish product. Whether or not each individual wants to do this is up to the drivers themselves. Depending on the intended use, however, there are some parts that are among the so-called “must-haves”.

For all travel fans, the luggage carriers are particularly recommended, which can be mounted either in front or between the legs. Thus, specially designed suitcases or bags can be transported without them interfering. The corresponding accessories for mounting can also be ordered directly, so that nothing stands in the way of the next trip to Passo Pordoi in South Tyrol – and maybe even with a part from the series of the same name.

Just as useful as the original parts, but visually much more appealing, are the various add-on parts. A real eye-catcher are often grips that match the seat and are made of high quality and handmade leather. Also a chrome series of parts such as covers, kick starters or main stands give the modern Vespas as well as the older models a valuable appearance.

In addition, there are also further developments of safety-relevant components such as turn signals or mirrors. Whether a stronger luminosity of the headlights, brighter turn signals or larger mirrors. All of these make it possible for drivers to be better recognized and to see other road users more clearly. However, attention must be paid to the E-numbers or a general operating permit for these components, as the parts may only be used in road traffic.

Ultimately, everyone must and can decide for themselves which parts are useful and suitable. But one thing is equally clear: A visual upgrade makes your own Vespa stand out again, whether purely visually or in handling. And if the safety is also strengthened, there is really nothing that speaks against the parts selected specifically for Vespa fans. With this in mind, have fun browsing and shopping in the SIP Online Store.


How much does a Vespa GTS cost?

The cost may vary slightly depending on the equipment and dealer. On the official Vespa site, the GTS 300 model can be purchased for around 7,099€ and the GTS 125 model amounts to 6,099€.

Is tuning allowed for a Vespa?

In general, yes, but the relevant legal basis for tuning in Germany is the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). More precisely, §22a of the StVZO stipulates that certain equipment on the vehicle may only be used in an officially approved design. In case of an unauthorized tuning, the operating license of the Vespa expires immediately. This will result in heavy fines in all cases.

What’s the most powerful Vespa?

The Vespa GTS 300 hpe is currently the most powerful on the market with a whopping 23.8 HP and a modern four-stroke single. With this power comes quite a bit of driving fun and almost comes close to a motorcycle.

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