Glemseck 101 Race – Motorcycle meets Vespa

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The SIP team is known for not only being passively involved in racing as dealers, but also actively involved as drivers. Jesco, Product Manager and Technical Editor at SIP, had an exciting time at Glemseck 101 in 2023. The event’s Facebook page announced the “Rock`t Roller” scooter class as “Balls of Fire.” Known as the largest motorcycle event in Europe, Glemseck 101 attracted 40,000 visitors to the section of the former “Solitude” race track just outside Stuttgart.

This meeting earned its reputation by offering a classic 200-meter acceleration race in which hand-built motorcycle conversions were allowed to participate. The riders were often also the wrenchers and designers of their machines, as style is just as important as performance. All participants shared a passion for their vehicles that showed through oily fingers and hours of work at the end of the day.

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Motorcycle event with Vespa newcomers

This unique mix attracted different types of two-wheeled enthusiasts, including touring riders, sport riders, motocross riders and rockers. But most of all, it attracted customizers and racers, from backyard projects to the big names of the motorcycle world. They were all fascinated by the passion and speed that could be felt between the bales of straw on the strip.

Jesco himself had succumbed to this fascination for years. It was his dream to ride in front of this impressive backdrop one day and compete with other motorcycles. However, it seemed impossible to participate in this race with a scooter, as there was no class in which scooters fit and the waiting list was long.

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Of course Jesco was not the only scooter rider who would like to start there. Veit Nübel is not only a Stuttgart “local”, he is also a very good and experienced rider and they have already started other projects together. He called Jesco and got the ball rolling. To make a long story short: In 2023 they were allowed to start at the Glemseck. At the invitation of the “Rocket Race Club”, they were given half an hour on the race track to run a scooter class with eight scooters in a knockout system. So unfortunately not against motorcycles, but an own scooter class was more than they had hoped for.

The race begins

On Sunday noon it was finally time. Before that, the “Big Coffee Class” ran: four-cylinder motorcycles with 750 to 1300 cc. Rebuilt motorcycle legends like Suzuki GSXR or Yamaha V-Max from the 80s and 90s were at the start. An impressive show – superior won by a for drag racing optimized GSXR with 1300 cc from Italy.

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Then the scooters go to the start, and teammate André is also there. Jesco’s adrenaline shoots through the roof. He has rarely ridden in front of a grandstand with thousands of spectators. In the audience almost exclusively motorcycle fans. How are scooters received at this event?

The flag falls, Jesco rides the first race. Until the finish line, there is no perception outside the eight meters of asphalt that narrow in front of the front wheel. Then the surprise: the grandstand applauds and cheers. Hardly anyone had reckoned with the performance of the old manual scooters. In the end, all petrolheads are here, whoever delivers is respected. The energy of this event is unique!

The fun of riding

Jesco finally won the scooter class and even competed in a race against the Suzuki GSXR Dragster motorcycle. Jesco narrowly wins the start and fights back until midway through the second gear and about half way. Then the Gixxer pulls past. Jesco shifts into third gear and fortunately doesn’t lose many meters until the finish. Second place in this duel for Jesco, but one of the most brilliant races he has ridden.

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The 16th Glemseck 101 finally ended and Jesco and his scooter friends said goodbye to the event. All of them were impressed by the atmosphere and promised to definitely come back next year!

For all those who have now got the desire for racing with their Vespa, there are high quality high end racing parts for many models in the SIP Scootershop. With these parts no one will catch up with you so fast!

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