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Lease or buy a Vespa: A difficult decision

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Who would not like to feel it once up close. The dream of freedom, with the wind in your hair. On the road on your own Vespa through impressive landscapes. Many enthusiastic motorcyclists have this dream. The fulfillment of this dream fails however not rarely at the necessary small change. But since it is not only possible to buy your own Vespa, but leasing models are also offered, the dream does not always have to remain unfulfilled. Nevertheless, it is not an easy decision. Whether the purchase of the new machine or a leasing offer comes into question depends on various factors.

Buying a Vespa: These are the options

Anyone who decides to purchase a Vespa has several options. If the necessary money is available, a cash purchase is often the best choice. On the one hand, this is because the Vespa is completely transferred to the buyer after the purchase and the buyer does not have to enter into any obligations towards the dealer or the seller. In addition, attractive discounts often lurk when the vehicle is financed in cash. However, a Vespa is not a cheap machine, so buying it for cash is not the right choice for everyone. If the money is not available, financing can also be done by means of a loan. This can either be taken out by the buyer’s own bank or the buyer takes it out directly with the dealer or manufacturer. However, here too there can be pitfalls and cost traps that need to be ruled out beforehand. Dealers often grant loans on vehicles that are somewhat older. Here it must be decided whether it must necessarily be the latest Vespa. Manufacturers, on the other hand, like to lure new customers with attractive credit offers on new models. However, hidden costs can be found here. It is therefore important to compare which of the purchase options offers the best discounts. The selected payment method should also always suit the customer’s financial situation. Before making a purchase decision, the individual offers should be compared comprehensively. This applies both to the purchase of new vehicles and to the purchase of used motorcycles.

Vespa leasing: What to consider

Leasing a Vespa is suitable for all motorcycle enthusiasts who want to quickly fulfill the dream of freedom and their own machine. In addition, leasing offers also appeal to all people who cannot afford an expensive cash purchase. However, if the decision is to lease a Vespa, certain compromises must also be accepted.

Vespa leasing: The advantages at a glance

The biggest advantage of leasing a Vespa is that the price can be paid in monthly installments and the machine can be driven quickly. In addition, leasing offers are also granted on current models. Once the term of the leasing contract is over, the machine can simply be returned and exchanged for a new leasing model.

Lease Vespa: The disadvantages at a glance

However, there are also some disadvantages that should not be concealed here. The monthly installments are calculated on the basis of two options. The customer chooses between the kilometer calculation and the so-called residual value calculation. With the kilometer calculation, a number of kilometers that may be driven during the leasing contract is specified when the contract is concluded. If this value is exceeded, the lessee must make an additional payment. In the second possible model, the residual value calculation, a residual value is determined at the beginning of the contract, which the vehicle must still have when it is returned. If this value is lower than the specified amount at the end of the contract, the difference must be paid in arrears. In order to achieve this residual value, a special degree of care of the leased Vespa is also required.

Lease or buy a Vespa: A conclusion

Both options have their advantages. Who buys the Vespa, by cash payment or by means of a credit, enters less obligations, must count however also on higher costs. Who decides to lease the Vespa, can drive the latest models at favorable conditions, but must either adhere to fixed mileage or always have the residual value of the Vespa in mind. Whatever the decision, it should always take into account its own financial conditions.

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