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Digital ignition locks- turning the key was yesterday

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It’s not just older Vespa riders who know the problem of losing or misplacing their set of keys. Even worse, however, is when the key has broken off in the lock. As a rule, the only last resort is a drill. Only with great effort and a high risk of further damage is it then possible to continue using the Vespa. All these problems can be avoided relatively easily with safe and state-of-the-art systems. The magic word here is digital ignition lock.

State-of-the-art technology with simple application

Whereas in the past modern technology was often accompanied by a simultaneously more complex application, this is not the case with digital ignition locks. On the contrary, state-of-the-art technology makes starting the Vespa much easier.

An electric lock is required to ignite the engine, which makes the mechanical lock completely superfluous and dispensable. The digital locks can be fitted anywhere on the Vespa. It is only necessary to ensure that the lock is not located behind metal parts, otherwise the lock cannot be unlocked. It is often a good idea to mount the lock behind a side cover, as this is easy to reach. Since the majority of locks are also water- and vibration-resistant, this does not prevent installation on the side cover.

Transmission of electromagnetic waves

As soon as the small lock has been fitted, the ignition can be switched on using the key supplied. This is achieved by means of so-called RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification), which has already been used for many years in department stores and shops to secure goods. To do this, the key chip, which in the vast majority of cases is the practical size of a key fob, only has to be placed at a certain distance from the digital lock. In the meantime, there are also providers who offer such small chips, which can also be sewn into gloves or motorbike clothing or used. Depending on the manufacturer, the distance to the decryption unit is between two and five centimetres, which ensures that the scooter can be easily switched on and off without contact.

Security as an essential factor

In addition, the above-mentioned systems that use RFID technology are extremely secure. Each of the key chips has its own code, which is not assigned to any other chip in the world. This means that the scooter can only be started with the chips to which the system has been programmed. Additional keys can also be programmed at any time and require only a few simple steps. The aforementioned decryption distance of two to five centimetres also rules out the possibility of the lock being operated unintentionally. A failure of the system is also not possible, as the necessary voltage comes from the on-board power supply via the relay. There are no batteries in the digital lock or in the key itself.

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One of the best-known manufacturers of these special systems is the Berlin-based company “MOTOGADGET”. This young company develops and manufactures various products for custom motorbikes and scooters. All products are developed in-house and handcrafted to achieve the best possible result for the customer. The well-known digital ignition lock “m.lock” is also distributed by the Vespa experts SIP Scootershop from Landsberg am Lech.

Even if Vespa nostalgics will probably shake their heads at these new innovations, the manipulation security is increased many times over compared to the classic key. Even if digital locks have not yet been able to establish themselves in the new Vespas ex works, they will probably at least be considered in the next few years. While many cars already come with digital locks as standard, this is not yet the case in the motorbike and scooter sector.

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