Attention to detail: handles for the Vespa

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The Vespa, with all its colors and shapes, has long been a cult. As the owner of this two-wheeler from Italy, which was first built in the 1960s, there is no doubting the special nature of the vehicle. Many of the enthusiasts would also like to tinker a little with their gem themselves. Their Vespa should look even more beautiful and neat than others. This can also include the grips on the handlebars, which are either completely worn out over the years or previous owners have installed other handles, but unfortunately do not fit to this Vespa actually. It must be the original grips for the model. This is possible if all data of the Vespa are available. With a little research and a close look, this is not a big problem. For example, there are the grips LML which shine inside and outside with their metal rings. They have a diameter of 22 and 24 millimeters. They can be taken, among other things, for the models Star 125-200 2T and 50 N.

Alternative Grips

A great look also make the SIP grips as black glossy handlebar gauntlets. They look not only very elegant, but also provide a pleasant driving experience. The SIP grips are made of aluminum and have a diameter of 24 millimeters. In terms of length, they are available in different sizes. The 125 millimeter long grips fit, among others, the Vespa P80-150X, PX80-150X and PX80-200E. The 128 millimeter long grips, on the other hand, are suitable for the Vespa GT S, GTS Super, GT and GT L 125-300cc, for example.

Only one length, namely 125 millimeters, have the antique grips on the other hand. They have rightly been given this designation. Because they not only look very shapely, but in their light gray color and the Plaggio 6-corner, they seem to embody the time of the beginnings of Vespa. They have a diameter of 24 millimeters and fit the Vespa models 50 N and 125 PV. Also antique but black handles with a length of 125 millimeters and a diameter of 22 millimeters can be taken for the models of Vespa 125 VNB and 150 VB1.

Who wants to have it very special in the colder seasons, can put on grips with a heater. One model of this is the heated grip set KOSO “HG-13” for 22/25mm handlebars from the SIP Shop. Due to pre-assembled plugs and cable lugs, the assembly is very simple. The inclusion of the grips is for 22/25mm handlebars and thus suitable for all scooter models. The heater switch can be mounted either on the handlebar or by adhesive tape on the cockpit. Who already has to drive in the cold, should not do without this luxury.

Rinsing agent helps to remove and attach

With a little manual skill, it is also not a major problem to change the grips on the Vespa yourself. Before this happens, however, it should be clear whether the old grips are so worn out that they should be disposed of or whether they may still be useful for later use. The procedure for the conversion will depend on these factors. If the old handles are no longer needed, you can carefully cut them open with a knife and pull them off. If that doesn’t work, you can use dishwashing detergent to help.

If, on the other hand, the handles are intended for further use, special care must be taken when dismantling them. In this case, lift the end of the rubber with a screwdriver and pull it off. So that it goes more easily and nothing tears, should also be taken during this process a little dishwashing liquid. If the old grips are pulled off and the handlebar is completely clean, you can start with the installation of the new grips. But here rather once again pay close attention to the size of the inner diameter of the rubbers. Some have different sizes, although they were selected exactly and yet should fit the said Vespa model. But do not worry, in this case, the rubber with the larger inner diameter goes on the throttle grip and the other on the opposite side of the handlebar. Dishwashing detergent sprayed from the inside will help you to put on the new grip rubbers and you can start riding again.

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