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Petition to the German Parliament: maximum permitted speed for mopeds from 45 to 60km/h

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Attention all moped riders!

A petition has just been launched to increase the safety of all road users. Up to now, the maximum permitted speed for mopeds with a capacity of up to 50 cc or, in the case of e-scooters, up to a maximum continuous rated power of 4 KW (6 hp), which may be driven with the class AM driving license integrated in the class B driving license, has been limited to 45 km/h. This is the maximum speed that can be reached by scooters. But many scooter riders know how dangerous this can be for them, especially outside of towns and cities, because other larger road users are often not very circumspect, especially during overtaking maneuvers.

Exactly for this the SIP Scootershop has now launched a petition. The German parliament should adapt the law and thus not only protect numerous drivers, but also offer alternatives to the climate-unfriendly car.
If you also want to actively support the petition, simply sign online: OpenPetition, maximum permitted speed for mopeds.

Why is a change of law important for everyone involved?

The legal situation of limiting the maximum speed to 45 km/h is unsatisfactory. The aim of the regulation is to protect young drivers in particular from uncontrollable dangers in road traffic due to lack of experience, and at the same time to offer them the opportunity to improve their mobility at a reasonable price. Experienced drivers have only a class B license and no experience or special training in driving a two-wheeler, as well as little experience. These are legitimate legal purposes and, in principle, appropriate means. However, a maximum speed of at least 60 km/h would be gentler and even more appropriate to achieve this.

The main use for mopeds in the AM category is urban mobility. In addition, they are used primarily by young people in rural areas to increase their independent mobility at low cost. The maximum permitted speed in built-up areas is 50 km/h. Therefore, a vehicle that stays below this speed is usually perceived as an obstacle by other road users and overtaken as quickly as possible. This applies in particular to temporary road users such as bus drivers and truck drivers. However, it is precisely such large vehicles that pose a significant overtaking risk, especially to small motorcycles, which rival bicycles in this respect.

These clearly outweigh the potential dangers posed by minor increases in the speed limit. This is also true for smaller rural roads and farm roads, which are mainly used by young people in rural areas. Just as it allows for safe and unobtrusive “swimming” in urban traffic, increased speed in rural areas can help motivate other road users to wait for appropriate passing situations, and thus on the one hand reduce the typical risk of being pushed to one side , 25 or enable agricultural vehicles to exceed the 35 km/h speed limit reasonably quickly and safely. Meanwhile, a 60 km/h speed limit ensures that only drivers with special motorcycle training are allowed on the highway. The meaning and purpose of the Class A1 driver’s license are thus preserved.
Moreover, especially in times of impending driving bans in inner cities as well as increasing parking shortages, the switch to more environmentally friendly and space-saving two-wheelers should be made more attractive.

That is why it is now very important to support the petition to the German Bundestag for the maximum speed limit for mopeds to be increased from 45km/h to 60km/h. Even if motorists think it’s none of their business – it is, it’s everyone’s business. The safety of our entire traffic community must be able to be guaranteed.

SIP Scootershop is not just a simple store. SIP has been committed to the safety and well-being of their fellow citizens for years. This petition is an important step in the right direction, so please take a moment and click the button here to go directly to the petition:

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