Auf dem Foto ist der Lenker einer alten weißen Vespa zu sehen. Der Fokus liegt hierbei auf dem Tacho.

How fast does a Vespa go?

The newer Vespa models, such as the Vespa “Primavera” reach a speed of around 91 km/h. However, this model already counts as a motorcycle and must be registered with the registration office.
Depending on the model, the speed can vary.

The Vespa 300 reaches a top speed of 120 km/h with its 24 hp and is one of the most powerful Vespa models.
A Vespa 125 reaches a top speed of 103 km/h and thus falls, like the Vespa 300 under the registration obligation.

Vespa 50 still falls into the class of scooters and mopeds, as it reaches a maximum of 45 km/h.
The vehicle does not have to be registered, but it does have a helmet requirement. Since March 2021, mopeds and scooters, including the Vespa, must be equipped with a moped license plate.
The speed of the Vespa also depends on the model and the care.

For long pleasure

However, the performance of the Vespa can also be limited, so that you drive slower than intended. Because the Vespa also needs love and care, as well as regular changes of spark plugs, must always be cleaned and regularly to the inspection.

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  1. Here’s hoping you can help. I’m trying to find the standard factory acceleration time of a 2019 vespa piaggio 50 cc . ideally 0-30 mph. Google just kept me going in circles. Cheers, Tony

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