Protective clothing for the two-wheeler driver’s license

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Anyone wishing to obtain a motorcycle license or the new B196 extension to a car license needs the right protective clothing. This protective equipment is mandatory and regulated by law for every two-wheeled vehicle that is driven at a speed of at least 50 ccm and 45 km/h. Below is an overview of what protective clothing is needed for the two-wheeler driver’s license:

  • a safety helmet tested according to ECE-R 22/05
  • motorcycle jacket (textile or leather)with protectors on shoulders and elbows
  • if there is no back protector integrated in the jacket, it must be purchased additionally, according to CE test standard 1621-2
  • leather gloves with protectors or without
  • textile or leather motorcycle pants with knee and hip protectors
  • shoes must have ankle protection tested according to CE standard

Driving school in duty

According to the law, the driving school or the driving instructor(s) has the responsibility and duty to control the protective clothing of the students. No self-respecting driving school will let a student ride a motorcycle in half-shoes. The same is true if they are wearing cloth pants and general everyday clothing. If the student is not wearing appropriate protective clothing, then instructors are allowed to cancel the driving lesson altogether. Also in the test, each student driver must wear the complete protective clothing for two-wheelers.

Safe and still fashionable

In the past, the only option for safe protective clothing was a leather suit and heavy nylon textile jackets. Fortunately, these times are a thing of the past. Today’s clothing is equipped with safety standards, such as CE approved protectors. Protective clothing for two-wheelers can be very stylish, because manufacturers like Tucano Urbano, Stylmartin or REV IT offer many different fashionable looks. So everyone can find his or her own individual safety outfit.

Protective clothing in Covid times

For hygienic reasons, driving schools do not currently provide protective clothing for their students. Therefore, prospective student drivers should obtain protective clothing for the two-wheeler driver’s license before the first driving lesson. Mouth and nose protection should also be considered, depending on the current regulations of the Covid Protection Ordinance.

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