Driving Vespa at 15 years

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The AM driving license, also known as the moped license or 50ccm license, can now be obtained in several German states from the age of 15. With the AM class, mopeds and four-wheeled light motor vehicles can be driven at speeds of up to 45 km/h. The “Moped mit 15” model project is underway in the following German states: Bavaria, Brandenburg, Hessen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Pfalz, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia.

However, a few regulations must be observed. Each federal state decides independently whether the corresponding new regulation is implemented or not. Furthermore, the driving license for mopeds from the age of 15 is only valid in the federal state in which the driving license was made. Thus, the use of the driving license class AM is not permitted in other federal states. You should really take this to heart, because anyone who drives a vehicle outside the relevant federal state before the age of 16 commits a criminal offense under the German Penal Code for driving without a license.

More mobility for the youth

Only the moped test certificate could previously be obtained by 15-year-olds. Both in the countryside and in the city, there is a great need for mobility, especially among young people, which the new driver’s license is intended to serve at the age of 15. So far, there has not been enough for a uniform nationwide regulation, but the remaining federal states could still come to an agreement.

Suggestions for Vespa models with 50ccm

If the age of 15 is approaching or has already been reached, the door is open for the AM class driver’s license. All that’s missing now is a suitable model. But which Vespa is the right one?

In general, the question should first be answered whether you want a classic, manual Vespa with manual transmission, or one with a modern automatic transmission.

If you are interested in a classic manual model, there is no way around the used market, because these models have not been built for several years. The market offers a wide range of vehicles, but prices are sometimes very high. This is due to the great popularity of the little runabouts. However, an advantage lies in the value stability of a Vespa. Classically, the Vespa has 3 or 4 gears and is shifted with the left hand. Since the technology is relatively simple, you can do many repairs yourself. The spare parts market is correspondingly large and you can find all accessories and spare parts.

If you decide for a modern Vespa, you will get a variomatic, which shifts continuously. Clutch and shifting operations are completely eliminated, which allows you to concentrate completely on the traffic. The only thing left to do is accelerate, brake and steer. Examples of a modern Vespa would be the Primavera or Sprint model, which are available in various colors and specifications. Here, every individual desire can be served.

The right protection for driving

Good protective clothing should play a major role when riding a motorized two-wheeler so that you always arrive at your destination in good health. Ideally, you should get yourself some proper protective gear. If you want the full package, you should take care of a helmet, thick gloves, a jacket with protectors, a kidney belt, shoes with protectors and possibly a pair of jeans with Kevlar before you even start driving school. This will save you from having to put on sweaty rental clothes from the driving school. Here you can read exactly what protective clothing you need for your driving licence.

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