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Clear vision on the Vespa – visor or goggles?

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Protective goggles and visors are very useful accessories when you are on the road with your scooter. They protect the eyes from wind, dust and insects, improve visibility and thus increase safety in road traffic. But which of the two is better suited for which situations?

Goggles or visor?

Motorbike goggles are primarily designed to protect the eyes from wind and dust. They have a closed shape and sit close to the face. Some models even have a padded rim to provide a better seal. This makes them particularly suitable for high speeds and longer distances. When it comes to design and look, there are numerous options. From sporty modern to classic and retro, everything can be found on the market. The lenses can be clear, tinted or even mirrored. It is important that they are scratch-resistant, protect against UV radiation and do not fog up.

A visor, on the other hand, is a kind of protective shield that is attached to a helmet. It covers the eyes and the upper part of the face and is usually made of clear or tinted plastic. It visor offers better protection from insects and rain because it usually has a larger coverage. It is also easier to clean and change than the lens of motorbike goggles.
Important points that a visor should fulfil are scratch resistance, UV protection and it should not fog up. Many helmets can be retrofitted with clear or tinted visors, flip shields, bubbles or visor goggles, but helmets with visors are often available for purchase directly.

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SIP Helmet & Visor Cleaner SIP Wet and Dry Cloth

The right cleaning

In order to have a clear view for as long as possible, the cleaning of the lenses or visor must not be neglected under any circumstances. There are a few things to keep in mind.
Sharp chemicals should be avoided at all costs, as they can damage the surface. A mild cleaning agent, such as soapy water, is best. It is also best to clean the glasses with a soft cloth that does not cause scratches. Microfibre cloths are ideal for this purpose. Alternatively, you can simply use special cleaning cloths that have been specially developed for motorbike goggles and helmet visors.
Drying should also always be done carefully to avoid scratches.
Another small tip: Do not clean glasses in direct sunlight, as this can lead to streaks and stains.

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