Braunes Geschenkpapier mit buntem Vespa- und Blumenaufdruck

Gift ideas around the Vespa

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It all began with the Vespa 98, which was launched in 1946 under the nickname “Paperino” (Italian for “little duck”).
Even today, all the models still enjoy great popularity and are now considered cult objects, as owners live out their personal “dolce vita” with them.
But now the question arises as to which Vespa gifts are suitable for lovers of Vespa models and will go down particularly well with them.
In this article, you will find some gift ideas that interested people and riders can enjoy.

Smaller gifts for everyday life

Especially in everyday life, people like to show off details of their passion that they are particularly proud of. So if you don’t want to give too big a gift, a Vespa lighter, a stylish patch for jackets and coats, a cufflink, fridge magnets in Vespa style or a key chain are all suitable.
Personalised doormats, towels, dishes and tea towels, an apron in Vespa design, napkins, salt and pepper shakers, chopping boards, a wine glass or even a pizza cutter add Italian flair to the home.
Classics such as metal signs and posters are also excellent household decorations.
Of course, bed linen in Vespa style should not be missing either.

Gift ideas for children

Even for little Vespa admirers, there are all kinds of gifts that will make children’s hearts beat a little faster and put a smile on their faces.
For example, miniature models of Vespas, children’s helmets and scooters, T-shirts, money boxes, hidden object puzzles, card games, Vespa quizzes, tea light carousels, Vespa Christmas tree baubles, Advent calendars, cases, Vespa dolls or e-scooters.
So there is also a large selection of gifts in Vespa style for offspring.

Fashionable clothing in Vespa design

Of course, clothing also expresses the enthusiasm of Vespa lovers. There are all kinds of creative gifts to be found, such as backpacks, bags, helmets, jackets, jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, caps and hats or simply socks.
These can be perfectly packaged with Vespa gift wrap and are sure to please the recipient.

So you’ll find all kinds of ideas for young and old who are interested in Vespas, their mechanics, background or even Vespa life.

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