75 Jahre Vespa Jubiläumslogo auf gold-gelber Lackierung

75 years of Vespa

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75 years ago, exactly on April 23, 1946, the Vespa was registered for patent. This marked the beginning of a real success story and a design icon was born. This invention was one of the first globalization products. Since then, the Vespa has changed the streets and cities around the world. It stands as an expression of independence, mobility and freedom. Thus, it was already at the center of the 60s, that time of great social changes, more progressive music trends, as well as the emergence of a new type of youth culture in Europe. In addition, this Italian scooter has accompanied the economic growth of many countries.

The Vespa as a style icon

The Vespa is probably the most timeless vehicle that the driver can imagine on it. This is considered modern and at the same time very nostalgic. Thus, the Vespa has become the term for scooters of any kind. Thus, in the Museum of Modern Art in the city of New York there is a Vespa and many of the Hollywood stars have preferred to travel with it than with the Ferrari.
In February 1946, the iconic logo of the vehicle was patented and presented at the Piaggio factory in Pontedera.

Special Vespa models for 75th birthday

For the 75th anniversary, the GTS models present themselves as Special Edition Vespa 75th and Primavera. Manufactured only in the anniversary year 2021, the Primavera 125 and 50 as well as the GTS 300 and 125 are available as a Special Edition at authorized dealers.
Here, the chassis of the Vespa 75th is made of steel since time immemorial and shows in the color yellow “Giallo Metallic 75th”. This is a contemporary interpretation of shades that were once in in the 1940s. At the same time, this is a color that expresses the innovative spirit as well as trendy style.
Also nice to look at is the rear bag on the chrome luggage rack. This is another style element of this Special Edition. In a tone with the seat, this is made of extra soft nubuck leather. In the shape of the spare wheel, this sight is reminiscent of earlier times when the spare wheel was part of the familiar outfit of the Vespa. With shoulder strap, carrying handle and secured with the quick release, the “spare wheel” shows in visual style, modern and chic. For protection from weather and wind, the bag has at the same time a rain cover, which is waterproof.
Like all Special Editions, the Vespa 75th is also adorned with a special logo.
In terms of technology, the cockpit of the 300cc and 125cc Vespa 75th features the fully digital 4.3-inch TFT display and the multimedia platform that allows a smartphone to be linked to the onboard electronics.

Special 75th anniversary Vespa Primavera

With up to nearly 19 million scooters sold, the Vespa is one of the industry’s most successful products of all time. It connects entire generations across the individual continents and stands for a lifestyle full of individuality and freedom.
Currently, the Vespa is as successful as it once was in the 60s and 70s. Thus, in 2004, 58,000 vehicles were produced and in the process, the number rose to more than 100,000 vehicles in 2006. In 2017, the mark of 180,000 has been achieved. In 2018, the production figure of 200,000 units was exceeded. At the same time, more than 1.8 million of these cult scooters have been produced in the last ten years.
Nowadays, the Vespa is manufactured at three locations. Thus, even in terms of manufacturing, this is globally positioned.

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