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Vespa x Wotherspoon

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With the Vespa x Wotherspoon, the manufacturer shows a sensational creativity by entering into a collaboration with the fashion scene. Accordingly, the limited Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon is a special edition with which Vespa conquers the hearts of those who like to play with daring fashion styles. Of course, there are also matching T-shirts and other accessories to the Vespa x Wotherspoon. The rising star of the US fashion scene is considered a talented experimenter and a fan of vintage at the same time. He became famous for his design of the Nike Air Max 97. The new Vespa x Wotherspoon was introduced in November 2021 and has been available at authorized Vespa dealers for some time.

About the designer Sean Wotherspoon

Vespa entered into the collaboration with Sean Wotherspoon to build on his creativity. From the union of Vespa and Sean was born a fabulous energy, which is not surprising: The designer and the manufacturer share a love of experimenting with colors that anticipate future trends. The result was probably the most unusual, if not the craziest Vespa of all time. Sean himself referred to this on his Instagram page, where he announced the partnership.

What does the Vespa x Wotherspoon look like?

The Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon is painted in a way that reflects Sean’s love of colors and the overall style of the 1970s to late 1980s. Typical at the time were garish solid colors, such as the unabashedly garish combination of red, yellow, green and aqua – a typical 1970s stylistic device that was picked up, for example, by the makers of “Everything dances to my tune” starring Louis de Fun√®s. The colors seem joyfully irreverent, fun-loving, highly striking and anything but discreet. They carelessly disregard the desire for nice balance, but it is precisely this trait that makes them so charming.

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Some technical details of the Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon

Since its foundation, Vespa has permanently relied on strong steel, which accordingly also forms the basis for the Vespa x Wotherspoon. The sturdy and hard-wearing metal bodywork is joined by a striking red plastic running board, whose anti-slip covering is made of blue rubber. The saddle is covered in tan ribbed velvet that features Sean’s distinctive logo (a real street artist’s tag), the classic Vespa logo and white piping. Sean’s logo also appears on the front of the scooter. At the back, the artist personalized the body with one of his original graphics: The Primavera logo custom graphic is repeated here in a redesign. The engine versions of the Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon are either a 50 cc or a 150 cc single-cylinder 4-stroke. The i-get engine runs with electronic injection and is one of the most cutting-edge units in its class.

Enhanced creativity with a special edition

The Vespa Primavera, which in itself is an iconic symbol from the mid-20th century and now whizzes agilely and dynamically through modern streets of the 21st century, comes as a special edition Vespa Pic Nic. It was also created in collaboration with Sean Wotherspoon, who wants to invite with it to the beauties of our nature. Pic Nic represents the charm of a bygone country chic style that, while not entirely bygone, is nevertheless nostalgic today. It stands for carefree moments of life that nevertheless carry a subtle touch of glamour. The lively scooter is altogether a cheerful kaleidoscope of red, yellow, dark green and aquamarine colors with white squiggles that have shapes of iconic ties. The bodywork and rims bear this sign alongside the Vespa logo. Completing the look are the headlight frame, luggage rack and passenger handle in a chrome finish. A shot of black on the handles and the cover of the muffler makes the design even more interesting.

vespa Pic Nic in pastell blue
Vespa Pic Nic
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