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Advantages and disadvantages of powder coating a Vespa

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In contrast to classic wet painting, when powder coating a Vespa, electrostatically charged plastic powder is sprayed onto conductive metals and thus adheres. These metals include steel, sheet metal and aluminium, such as vehicle frames or wheel rims. If you then heat the powder to 150 to 200 degrees, it melts and cross-links to form a durable surface.

In contrast to classic wet painting, powder coating is faster, more durable, more economical and more environmentally friendly.

Important preparation

The surface must be completely clean and there must be no old paint, grease, oil or filler on it. At the same time, however, sandblasting the Vespa frame is not absolutely necessary.

List of advantages and disadvantages of powder coating a Vespa:


  • cheaper than wet painting
  • both matt and high-gloss RAL colours are possible
  • is very suitable for chassis parts, as it is extremely impact resistant afterwards
  • is mechanically resilient
  • remains dynamic and rarely cracks
  • Smaller irregularities (e.g. bodywork) are concealed by the high layer thickness.
  • is weather-resistant and only becomes brittle at a late stage
  • Easy to clean
  • is environmentally friendly because it is solvent-free


  • the substance of the Vespa must be 1A (spackling is therefore not suitable)
  • rubber and plastic parts cannot be powder coated
  • in case of later removal, chemical paint stripping is necessary
  • gloss is not the same as with normal varnishing
  • is heavier than normal painting (coating is applied very thickly)
  • Surface damage cannot be repaired, i.e. subsequently applied paint has a completely different
  • effect. There is also a risk of rust.
  • the thickness of the coating can possibly lead to problems regarding the compatibility of individual
  • parts.
  • Coatings with several colours are not possible because no hard edges can be created (powder can only be applied to the entire frame).
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight will dull the coating and cause chalking as the liquid component is reduced and becomes whitish.
  • Rust infiltration is not immediately visible
  • Caution: Powder coatings are not suitable for treatment with polishes containing abrasives, as these can damage the clear coat layer.

The correct care of a powder coating

Acidic or strongly alkaline detergents are not suitable for use; only detergents that are as neutral as possible (ph value 5-8) should be used. The surface temperature should not exceed 25°C during cleaning and it is important not to clean in direct sunlight. Steam or high-pressure cleaners are taboo for powder coating.

If the above points are taken into account, powder coating a Vespa is a good alternative to conventional wet painting.

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