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Vespa Wideframe Tuning getting more popular

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The world of Vespa wideframe tuning is experiencing a remarkable revival. The new SIP catalog presents a wealth of products and accessories that have been specially developed for the “Lamp Down” Vespa models. From aluminum racing cylinders to modern 12V ignitions – these parts open up completely new possibilities for tuning enthusiasts without compromising the charm of the 50s.

A new impetus for classics

Enthusiasm for tuning Vespa wideframes is constantly on the rise. The striking Vespas with tubular handlebars are often stored in garages as collector’s items or used for short trips, as the old engines are not trusted for longer journeys. Their low engine output of 2-3 hp is not sufficient for modern road traffic. Nevertheless, a dedicated community of tinkerers has formed around the “Faro Basso” in recent years, upgrading original engines, replacing various components and thus increasing performance. All these items and a wide range of spare and additional parts for the “Lamp Down” Vespa models can be found in the new SIP catalog.

Wideframe Vespa engines

There are basically two main types of engines for wideframe Vespas: single-channel and dual-channel engines. While tuning options are limited with single-channel engines, dual-channel engines offer considerable potential for improvement with the right components. With products such as aluminum racing cylinders from PINASCO, reinforced crankshafts from TAMENI & SERIE Pro by Stoffi, carburetor kits based on POLINI CP models, racing exhaust systems from SIP, maintenance-free electronic 12V ignitions as well as improved clutches and suspension parts, completely new possibilities open up for lovers of tubular handlebar Vespas without losing the characteristic charm of the 50s. It should be noted that all conversions are reversible.

Also suitable for beginners

A good way to get started with tuning is to install a sports exhaust system, which offers a noticeable increase in performance. In addition, standard carburetors, air filters and intake manifolds can be replaced with a POLINI CP carburetor kit. With modern aluminum cylinders from PINASCO, performance can be significantly increased. The installation of a PINASCO 4-speed gearbox and a contactless 12V ignition allows the additional power to be safely transferred to the road and avoids potential ignition problems.

The suspension and braking system should not be neglected when tuning. High-quality shock absorbers from SIP PERFORMANCE, tubeless 8-inch rims and brake components offer optimum driving and braking performance. Enjoy reading!

The catalog can be ordered from SIP in the webshop as a print edition or you can browse through it online here: https://issuu.com/sip-scootershop.com/docs/sip_wideframe_en or in PDF format in the downloads section.

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