The great variety for Vespa seats

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The seat of our Vespa is a real wearing part that will eventually look worn and unsightly. The cover may even be damaged and allow moisture to penetrate. Who wants a wet seat?

We Vespisti certainly don’t. What we also don’t want: A seat that immediately catches the eye because it is recognizable as a replacement seat! So what to do? Nothing could be easier. We get a new seat from our trusted Vespa dealer: SIP Scootershop.

Different types of Vespa seat

There are different types of Vespa seat benches that are specially tailored to the needs and preferences of the rider. Here are some common types of bench seat for the Vespa:

1. Original bench seat: the Vespa is usually supplied with an original bench seat that has been specially designed by the manufacturer for the particular model. These seats often offer a classic look and are designed for riding comfort.

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for Vespa S 50-150ccm

2. Sports bench seat: Sports bench seats are designed for riders who prefer a sportier look and possibly firmer upholstery. They can also offer special ergonomic features for a sportier riding position.

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Sport Seat SIP Sport
for Vespa PX80-200/​PE/​Lusso/​PX’98/​MY

3. Comfort seat: This type of seat is designed to maximize riding comfort. They can offer additional padding, ergonomic design and other features for longer rides and improved seating comfort.

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Seat SIP Classic Comfort
for Vespa 125 VNA/​VNB/​GT/​GTR/​Super/​TS/​150 VBA/​VBB/​GL/​Sprint/​V/​Super/​T4

4. Saddle seat bench: Some models, especially the classic Vespa models, can be equipped with a saddle seat bench. These benches often convey a traditional, vintage-inspired look.

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Single Saddle front
for Vespa 50-125/​PV/​ET3

5. Two-piece bench seat: Some Vespa models offer two-piece bench seats that position the rider and passenger seats separately. This can offer an individual look and provide more comfort for the passenger.

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for Vespa GTV 125-300ccm

It is important to note that not all types of seat benches are available for every Vespa model. The selection may vary depending on the model and manufacturer. It is advisable to check the compatibility and specific characteristics of a bench seat before purchasing.

Proper care of the Vespa seat bench

These seat benches from SIP are covered with artificial leather. A major advantage over genuine leather is that it is more durable and easier to care for. Speaking of care:

Here is a tip:

The benches should be treated with SONAX leather care to extend their service life and for regular cleaning/care, suitable for both artificial and genuine leather.

SIP bench seats are considerably cheaper than the original. The most important thing is that they differ only slightly from the original seat. For example, the stitching and the thickness of the foam mat for the spring core may be recognizable as replacements on closer inspection.

Popular bench seats for Vespas

SIP Classic

Suitable for Vespa 50-125/PV/ET3

sitzbank6 1
Seat SIP Classic
for Vespa 50-125/​PV/​ET3

The available colors are:

The piping is white in all color variations and adds a chic detail.
Piping is a strip of rubber or plastic that surrounds the seat cover and is inserted into a groove in the seat bench, ensuring a taut covering.

Note on the color brown:
The subjective designations brown, light brown, dark brown, brown vintage can be found online internationally. A comparison with the RAL color fan is better. Nevertheless, it is still a matter of debate or opinion as to which shade corresponds most closely to the RAL system.

We are convinced that the selection of accessories of the same color in the RAL system is still better than a purely visual estimate.

Fastening the bench seat

A central issue is the fastening of the seat bench on all models, which is achieved by a robust plug-in connection to the frame. The seat bench does not have its own lock, which must be ordered separately. In addition, all models have a retaining strap in the middle across the seat.

Each bench seat is supplied with the necessary assembly parts to ensure smooth installation. Detailed fitting instructions are also included to ensure that the seat can be fitted easily and efficiently. This well thought-out equipment not only ensures easy handling for the user, but also reliable and stable attachment of the seat to every model.

Piaggio sports seat

Suitable for Vespa GTS, GTS Super, GTV, GT 60, GT and GT L models in the 125 to 300 cc range. These seat benches are available in an elegant black finish with matching black piping, which not only provides a sporty look, but also enables universal adaptation to various models.

sitzbank7 1
Sport Seat PIAGGIO
for Vespa GTS/​GTS Super/​GTV/​GT 60/​GT/​GT L 125-300ccm

The main function of Piaggio seat benches is to replace defective original seat benches. With a hard-wearing synthetic leather cover, they not only offer an aesthetic improvement, but also increased durability compared to the original seats. The interchangeability between different models, including Vespa GTS, GTS Super, GTV, GT, and GT L, makes them a versatile option for Vespa riders.

An important note for those who wish to fit the GTS/GTV seat benches on the GT/GT-L Vespa scooters: The original luggage rack must be unscrewed and the cover fitted behind the helmet compartment. This adjustment is crucial for a smooth installation and ensures that the Piaggio sports seat bench fits perfectly on the respective Vespa model.

Piaggio luxury seat bench

For lovers of retro designs, the seat bench for Vespa LXV 50 – 150 cc offers a nostalgic touch. In a striking tobacco brown, this genuine leather seat is a two-seater and not only fits the LXV perfectly, but can also be fitted seamlessly to Vespa ET2, ET4 and LX S models in the 50 to 150 cc range.

sitzbank8 1
for Vespa LX 50-150ccm

The design of this seat harks back to the elegance of the 50s and 60s, inspired by the characteristic combination of swinging saddle and seat cushion. Originally designed exclusively for the LXV, it can be easily adapted to ET2, ET4 and LX S models to enjoy the authentic retro look on various Vespa models.

This high-quality Piaggio seat has been specially treated with waxes to strengthen its resistance to environmental influences. It is supplied without a lock and key, but the simple transfer of the lock and key from the old seat to the new one enables a smooth fit.

A clever advantage arises when fitting the LX/LXVS seat on ET2/ET4 models: The lock is now located on the left, “correct” rider’s side. This is a practical benefit, especially as Vespa riders often get on from the left-hand rider’s side. The “right” driver’s side is considered to be the side that is more comfortable for right-handed riders.

SIP “Longtail” sports seat

For Vespa enthusiasts in the 50-125 cc range and for PV and ET3 models, there is an exclusive seat variant that has a decisive influence on the aesthetic appearance of the two-wheeler. In an artfully quilted version made of artificial leather with the striking Signal Brown (RAL 8002) and a contrasting gray piping, this sports seat gives your vehicle an appealing look.

sitzbank9 1
Sport Seat SIP “Longtail”
for Vespa 50-125/​PV/​ET3

The special feature of this variant is that it is equipped with a lock, which not only provides additional safety, but also extends the customization options for the two-wheeler. Installation is straightforward, as the sports seat bench uses the same mounting points as the original seat bench. This enables quick and efficient installation in just a few simple steps.

The sports seat goes beyond the aesthetic change and has a positive influence on the riding behavior. The streamlined shape of the bodywork is emphasized and the seat bench is harmoniously flush with the rear. The sporty seating position noticeably improves the handling of the machine, while at the same time leaving enough space for a pillion passenger. The foam core with which the sports seat bench is lined ensures a comfortable and pleasant sitting position even on longer journeys. All in all, this sports seat bench not only enhances the appearance of your Vespa, but also the riding experience.

To round off this small selection, a protective cover that defies wind and weather is still missing.

The Vespa protective cover offers year-round protection

Our two-wheeler is exposed to the elements all year round. Dust and dirt take their toll on the seat. Fortunately, there is the SIP protective cover, so that none of this can harm the good seat.

sitzbank10 1
Cover SIP seat
for Vespa Primavera/​Sprint/​GTS/​GTS Super/​GTV/​GT 60/​GT/​GT L 50-300ccm

The material is high-quality polyester, which also protects against fading caused by UV rays. In addition, water-repellent nylon prevents the “wet trouser seat” that we would inevitably get from moisture penetration. For a closer look at the product, it is worth reading our article “Protective cover SIP seat“.

Important aspect: The protective cover is quick and easy to fit. It can also remain on the seat when the Vespa is sent into hibernation, for example. It also serves as long-term protection against dust and rust film. An absolute must-have for every Vespisti.

Anyone who owns an older Vespa will know that in earlier times a protective cover was supplied as standard (hidden under the seat). Unfortunately, this useful addition has become a victim of cost-cutting measures.


As a seat bench not only influences seating comfort, but is also suitable for quickly changing the look of our machine, no expense should be spared here.

Contact SIP Scootershop for reliable advice and assistance.

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