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Vespa Badges

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Vespa badges cause a stir and give Vespa scooters an individual touch – great fun included. They are considered a trendy collector’s item worldwide. Many collectors are also looking for extra fancy Vespa badges. Also the SIP Scootershop offers some badges for Vespas in the online shop.

Characteristics of Vespa badges

Vespa badges are decorative emblems or plates – not infrequently in vintage look. Especially these plaques also prove to be extremely sought-after collector’s items. They convey the great tradition and history of the brand. There are various places where Vespa fans can swap or collect badges. These include online communities, vintage car fairs, flea markets & Co. Quite a few Vespa clubs regularly offer various meetings and events – here members can present both their Vespas and their badges and have an exchange. In addition, the worldwide Vespa meetings and rallies also offer a good opportunity to buy new badges & Co. as well as to exchange.
Some plaques also have special meanings and functions, including in relation to religion. A popular example of this is the plaque of St. Christopher. If you are interested in this special badge, you can read our article about it here: “Saint Christopher – The guardian angel rides along”. Or you can get it in the SIP Scootershop: “Badge St. Christopher on a Vespa”
The badges are attached directly to the bodywork, for example on the fender, of the well-known Vespa scooters and enhance them. On the badges themselves usually flaunt the famous Vespa logo. These badges are made of different materials – first of all metal and plastic.

Easy attachment of Vespa badges

Vespa badges are normally very easy to attach. Simple tools are all that is needed, and usually a screwdriver and adhesive tape are all that is needed for perfect attachment. If these tools are not enough, you can also use special adhesives and fasteners that are specially designed for attaching Vespa badges. The optimal attachment requires several steps. First, the surface exactly where the badge is to be placed must be thoroughly cleaned – preferably with a damp cloth/sponge, plus cleaning agent. This ensures good adhesion of the sticker. After that, it is important to mark exactly those places where the sticker should be placed. After removing the protective film, the sticker must be carefully applied/pressed on the desired place. If glue is used, press firmly for a few minutes until the glue dries completely. When using screws, on the other hand, it is a matter of tightening the screws via screwdriver at the previously marked points. Proper fastening of Vespa badges should not be underestimated – after all, the badges should not come loose while driving. In order to achieve a maximum of security, it is recommended to check the badge continuously. In this way, you ensure that the badge is correctly and securely attached. The loosening of a Vespa badge is done in the reverse order. If the old adhesive proves too stubborn, a solvent such as acetone will help.

vespa badges

Individual touch: spruce up the Vespa with Vespa badges

You should not forget that Vespa badges are not part of the standard equipment of your new Vespa – the badges must be purchased separately after purchase. However, there are also various Vespa models that are directly equipped with badges. However – with Vespa badges you can not only significantly optimize the appearance of your Vespa, but also add your personal touch.
Vespa badges are an essential component of the so-called Vespa culture. Provided that they are properly cared for, these badges not only spruce up a Vespa, but also allow the history of a Vespa to shine with dignity – even for a lifetime. On the market there are also plaques whose production refers to special Vespa models as well as occasions. This also increases their importance. Accordingly they are popular with prospective customers and/or drivers. No question: On the market the number of various vintage and retro badges is increasing. They are produced especially for older Vespa models and are based on the original look and feel of these models. Such badges enjoy special demand, especially from those who prefer a real as well as original vintage look of their Vespa. Another interesting variant is the so-called personalized plaques with the name of the Vespa owner. However, Vespa plaques with a special saying or an own design prove to be hardly less interesting. But that’s not all: it is even possible to design the badges yourself as well as to have them manufactured. In this way, a Vespa can be made highly unique. The journey into the past can begin now.

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